Sunday, November 2, 2014

Performing today in Bogliasco

This afternoon I will perform in the gardens of the Bogliasco Foundation’s Study Center on the edge of the Ligurian Sea, as part of the week-long Genovese Festival della Scienza.  I will present various videos I’ve created in the past two weeks while in residence at the center, and will perform with branches found along the beach in Bogliasco.  

Branch dancing is different here, the branches are different, as is the uncertain ground and angled sunlight at the edge of the sea. 

Even though I am well aware that every branch offers its own unique dance, it’s been surprisingly challenging to work with Ligurian branches.  Somehow their center of weight is slippery; they defy familiar handling.  They seem rebellious, fiercely independent; I sense something similar in the people here.

In this extraordinarily beautiful place, I feel, and see everywhere, the tenuous balance at the edge of land and sea.  Everything is slightly skewed, perched on rocks, resisting the pull of gravity; humanity densely hovering at the edge.  

Traffic noise jars the soothing organic sounds of nature. The angled brilliance of the sun forces me to lower my eyes, bow down to its great power, seek the shade. I turn from it to meet my shadow. 

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