Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Postcards @ The Live Arts Festival

It’s been a little over a week since we closed Postcards From The Woods at the Live Arts Festival. I want to thank all who supported the work throughout its creation and those who came to see the work.

The show was a resounding success both artistically and in terms of audience attendance and response. It was an awesome experience to perform the work with my talented and committed collaborators Noemí Segarra, Olive Prince and Jumatatu Poe, and to present at the Ice Box. We were expertly supported by Laura Zimmerman’s video support work, Cicada Brokaw’s sound, Leigh Mumford’s lighting, the tech and house staff of the Live Arts Festival, and we were thrilled with the enthusiastic feedback of audiences. Thanks to all who voted it Amazing! in the Turn You Cell Phone On poll.

The one disappointment has been the meager critical coverage by the press. To date I have seen only one review in the City Paper. A bit of investigation has revealed that several critics assigned to cover the show were no shows. So in lieu of the critics I want to share some peer reviews. Thanks for your feedback!

“What a delightful experience to be at your performance last night. Even before any movement began I was entranced by the beauty of the "limbs"...dancer limbs and tree limbs and by the power of Cicada's soundtrack. And then seeing the projections and the wonderful interplay of dancers and shadows was really moving. “ Alan Harler

“The dancers danced as nature would, if nature danced (a paraphrase of John Cage) but then I thought, "Well, they ARE nature, too!" The setting for the piece was comprehensively used and made the experience rich and full.” Jo-Anna Moore

“You do "subtle" with power! Very impressive...” Gabriel Martinez

“I loved the show. It was totally transcendental and such an incredible spiritual experience. I couldn't even speak after the show....utterly speechless. It was wonderful.” Barbara Hogue

“On Sunday I took a walk at the Wissahickon, starting at the north end near the stables, which is a newer area for me to explore. I had seen “Postcards from the Woods” the day before and as soon as the view of the creek widened out from along the path, I could see all the tree trunks on the opposite bank reflected perfectly in the water. In the late afternoon light, the contrast of light air and leaves and darker trunks was just like the shadows cast on the Ice Box walls. I thought about the earlier year of performances and how the park is marked now by it. But also, in looking at the park without the dance, my experience was enriched through recollecting your hyper-representation of it indoors. Here was nature imitating art!

Being in a big white space with you all, the branches, and the images was an exceedingly meditative experience. We were captive, unlike in the park, and surrounded, unlike in a theater. My response, as it usually is on the first leg of a meditation retreat, was to become settled and then drowsy. That a dance performance could do this to me, creating such peace, seems completely delightful.

What more powerful partners to invite into your process than the elements – earth, air, water, fire. And that you keep dancing with them is a testament to the wisdom of growing older.” Lisa Kraus