Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Dance

In the past month I performed Winter Dance at the ACDFA regional conference at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, and at the Conwell Dance Theater at Temple University. It is performed by Michael Roberts, Beau Hancock and me within a videoscape of a snowstorm shot by me in 2007. The sound is taken from video of another snowstorm.

It was made to fit the 12-minute-and-under proscenium format so popular these days. I don't think this is the best format for the branch work, but, so much of what we do these days must fit into this structure (no need to go into a discussion of the dire state of dance presenting). So I keep making these short pieces!

The following kalaidescopic piece I created with footage from the video of the performance shot by Eun Jung Choi. The mandala effect works well with the states of gravity and light series of branch dances performed within a projected environment, especially in the way that the visual information is translated and connects to the dance of moving into/shifting into balance.