Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Performing in the gardens of Villa dei Pini, Bogliasco

There’s that thing about performance, when you enter a zone, you are aware of being fine-tuned at a particular frequency, you are going with the flow.  I love this experience, this shift of consciousness; sometimes it’s magical; sometimes I enter a dynamic play that’s both generated by me and beyond me. Willing the precise balance of yielding and directing can be energizing, thrilling.   I focus on riding the moment as it demands; quietly, playfully, clumsily, easily, boldly, delicately, fiercely, to maintain connection.  

It was energizing and satisfying to experience this dynamic play in various guises while performing on Sunday in the gardens of the Bogliasco Foundation’s Villa dei Pini, in Liguria, Italy, as part of the City of Genoa’s Festival della Scienza. 

With the branches there is so much to work with: balancing and connecting, weight, line, design, sensed image and memory,  place, weather, temperature, light, sound, nature; time, presence, being in the present, slowing down time — waiting,  stillness.

I designed the first section of the piece to be seen by the audience from far above.  It was uncanny to feel a strong energetic connection to them although they were so far from me. I could feel the dance as a play between my movement shifts, that magnificent place, and their individual imaginations.   

Playing with the audience while walking backwards up the path was also a delight.

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  1. WOW Merian! so beautiful and engaging even with just the fotos!
    Also great to read your thoughts…Julia in Philly.