Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Temple University students in the Philadelphia Dance Experience practice branch dancing

Jung Woong Kim demonstrates
Last Wednesday, Oct 3, Jung Woong Kim was guest teaching artist in Prof. Monica Frichtel's course, The Philadelphia Dance Experience.  Jung Woong conducted sensory awareness exercises and students tried balancing branches.  Below are excerpts of their reflections on their experience.
Thank you, Monica for hosting Jung Woong in your class! We look forward to sharing the work with the students this coming Friday. 

"On Wednesday, we had a guest teacher from the SoMoS dance company present and engage us in the importance of balance and becoming in touch with nature in dance.  We did many trust exercises, for example, being led with eyes closed by a partner around the Presser Cafeteria. We found the experience to be very interesting and we really enjoyed it. It was not just a dance but also a life lesson, for instance when the teacher said that  when one "drops the branch, one should always pick it back up and keep moving". It was a great experience."   Bria, Tiffany, Erin
"The experience as a whole was unexpected, but we all noticed that the improvisation was subjective to each individual’s interpretation. Some people simply walked their partner around, others ran with their partner and some did figure eights within the space. The term paradox came to our minds as the physical space was limited to a perimeter, but the actions and interpretations were left to each individual to interpret within the space, or within the guided directions. We all agree that we were put into an experience that put us out of our comfort zone, but that is where learning and creativity can thrive."   Derek, Carlyn, Emily, Michael, Fiona, Bryant, Carl, Tiffany 

"During the improvisation class, the performer laid on the ground with his back touching the concrete. With his bare feet raised, he balanced the wooden stick while focusing on it. I thought this was interesting because his movements were really slow so he wouldn't drop the stick. I felt a high degree of concentration while he was moving, relaxing, and one with nature."   Kortney

"Wednesday  in class we went outside with our guess teacher and we worked in pairs.  We had to close our eyes while our partner guided us. It was a frightening experience but fun; we learned to trust someone we didn't know. While being guided I could hear  things going on around me better. The sound of the crunch of grass while as people walked  was escalated. I was able to feel people walking past and tell how close they were by the sound of their voice. It was very scary but a lot if fun."  Jen

"We balanced branches and played with sensing. I had to learn to trust myself and my partner when I was walked around the field with my eyes closed.  When I approached the wall, I sensed it near me. It felt relaxing after I began to trust myself walking around with my eyes closed. I participated in the middle balancing a branch on my head, arm, and foot. These exercises took trust, balance, and patience."    Carl
"During the improvisation class, we explored the idea of balance and gravity. Students gathered in a circle and balanced branches on various parts of the body. Students were able to interpret movement in their own way. After playing with the branch, Kevin and I realized that the earth is stronger than us."
Neil, Kevin 

Photos by Monica Frichtel  
See Monica perform branch dances!


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