Friday, October 19, 2012

Its been a week since SoMoS.   Still feeling happy from the experience. But tired.  Performing for 3.5 hrs in 30some degree weather takes its toll.

Below are photos by Gabe Martinez and links to various post-performance press.   Check out Deni Kasrel's review in the the City Paper.

Jazmyn Burton has written a piece for the Temple Times.  

And the Dance Journal review.
Olive Prince

Silvana Cardell by the mural

Jumatatu Poe and summer tent

The winter tent from outside

Marion Ramirez & Jung Woong Kim in spring tent

Ellen Gerdes by the fall wall

Marion Ramirez in ensemble finale

Katie Jasmin, Merián Soto & Marion Ramirez

Melissa Putz & Jung Woong Kim


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