Friday, January 6, 2012

WINTER @ Wave Hill Tomorrow!

The WINTER performance of Branch Dances at Wave Hill will take place tomorrow starting at 3:30PM. is forecasting temperatures in the high 40s and sun! It will be a perfect day for spending time outdoors, and a perfect opportunity to watch the winter sunset over the Hudson River.

Just a few pointers to make your experience most satisfying:

Make sure you layer up. Even though the temperature is mild, one tends to get cold when spending time outside. Wear gloves, scarf, hat, warm socks and walking shoes. Sun glasses are recommended.

Try to arrive before the start time. The performance will take place on the northwest area of the grounds-- a ten minute walk from the entrance.

AND, take your time, slow down,open your senses. Like my sons would say, chill.

Hope to see you there!

For directions to Wave Hill scroll to the right.....

A few listings in the media:



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