Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday's Performance

One of the reasons I love this work is you never know what its going to be until you do it, and then magic happens. Like the weather yesterday, and the sunset and the almost full moon rising, and the children dancing and playing with branches all around us while we performed! And of course, there are the unexpected places we find ourselves in; the choices we make particularly the choice to trust that the practice will generate connection and balance; the places we go together, and the way we are changed in the doing.

A shout out to all the people that came out yesterday to Wave Hill! Such good energy; it felt like we all created that magical space together, especially the kids (thanks parents!). It was exciting to hear so many people say they will be back for our Spring performance. Ache!

A shout out to Jennifer MacGregor and Wave Hill for hosting the the project, Michael Max Knobbe and Bronx Net for videoing, and to the amazing creative team -- Beau Hancock, Shavon Norris, Jumatatu Poe, Olive Prince, Marion Ramirez, Tigger Benford, and Jane Gabriels.

Looking forward to Bluebell Meadow next Sunday!

Photos by Marisol Diaz

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