Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wissahickon Reunion/Yesterday's Performance

Hello Philadelphia! Thanks to all who came out yesterday! It was a wonderful day to begin Wissahickon Reunion, sunny and crisp. So good to be in the woods again with Shavon, Olive and Jumatatu, and to welcome Marion and Beau. A special shout out to Harold E Smith and his hypnotic didgeridoo.

And many thanks to our supporters from OYWPP who came back--- Judy, Karen, Pepon, Gabe, Bill, Rocio, Rennie, Cory, Guisa, Jung Woong...--- and so many new faces! Check out Ari Kim-Ramirez, the world's youngest branch dancer!

Next performance Saturday Oct 29 at 3PM at Wave Hill Art Center in New York City. See previous posting for more info.

Photos by Gabriel Osorio-Soto

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