Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall performance at Wave Hill is a picture of winter

Fall was transformed into winter by the nor'easter that hit the region yesterday. Wave Hill had to close for safety reasons as branches broke off trees under the weight of the snow. But performers and video crew were there, ready to go; the nature of the work is to perform through the seasons and the weather. So much preparation for this moment! I was impressed with Wave Hill staff's support of our artistic vision and practice in allowing us to perform on the lawn away from the trees. It was challenging, beautiful, and sad, as we reflected on climate change hearing branches crashing around us.

I am grateful to all who made this happen. The performers: Marion Ramirez, Shavon Norris, Beau Hancock, Jumatatu Poe and Tigger Benford; Michael Max Knobbe and the Bronx Net crew; Jenniffer McGregor; Jenniffer McGregor, Michael Wiertz and the rest of the Wave Hill staff. Thanks also to Patti Bradshaw and Tom Ross for showing up despite the challenges of getting there!

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