Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TMM credits and review by Gregory King in the Dance Journal

Photo: Bill Hebert
Gregory King has written a poetic critique of my performance last Sunday in the Dance Journal!    
I didn't see any programs, so  I share here the credits for the piece—  one must give credit where credit is due. 
Todos Mis Muertos (All my dead ones)
Day of the Dead altar/performance
Created and performed by  Merian Soto
Video: Irene Sosa & Merián Merian Soto
Music by Eblén Macari
Thanks to: All of my dead ones. and to the living: Magda Martinez, Jose Ortiz of Fleisher Art Memorial; Leticia Nixon, Valeska Garay and La Calaca Flaca Day of the Dead Committee, Pepón Osorio,  Bill H, Serena Muhti, Muyu Yuan, and Carolyn Pautz. 
Photo: Bill Hebert
 Presented at Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, Nov 1, 2015

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