Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We move into Summer.  I feel the change: the heat, the cycles of nature, the creative cycle.

Branch Dances @ Wave Hill is coming to an end.  Its been a year,  almost to the day,  since the first branch dance rehearsal for the series.   On Saturday, June 23 at 3:30 PM we will celebrate the coming of summer and complete the cylcle of seasonal performances.  We will perform on the lower lawn, overlooking the Hudson River and the Pallisades, an appropriate space for an elegant ending.    I will be joined by dancers  Jumatatu Poe, Marion Ramírez, Olive Prince, and Harold S. Smith on didgeredoo.   The forecast is for warm but mild weather with a gentle breeze.  Lovely weather to finalize the series!

Its been a rewarding project.  I have loved taking on the challenges of the weather— we performed in two storms, a snowstorm in October and a rainstorm in April.  I am grateful to the artists, Wave Hill, and Bronx Net for the commitment to performing the work as it is intended, rain or shine.  Its also  been terrific  to regularly spend time in the Bronx and share the work with such an open and supportive audience! 

I want to thank the audiences for their support and participation, in particular those who  have come back again and again: Patti Bradshaw, Tom Ross, Arthur Aviles, Charles Rice-González, Bill Aguado, Cathy Pavlick.    I also want to thank  the organizations and individuals that made  this project possible: Wave Hill,  PennPAT, Pepatian and Bronx Net,  Jennifer McGregor, Michael Knobbe Jane Gabriels,  and of course  the  artists — Olive Prince, Jumatatu Poe, Marion Ramírez, Beau Hancock, Shavon Norris, Tigger Benford, and Harold S. Smith. 

As Branch Dances @ Wave Hill comes to an end I move full swing into production mode for Somos (We Are) a new branch dance installation that will premiere in Philadelphia October 12, 2012.  Mark your calendars!  Through daily branch dances and walks in the park, sharing the work,  talking up the work, rehearsing,  performing, documenting, meeting, and on and on what was at first an  elusive vision seems to grow more defined everyday.  Ideas coalesce; the pieces  speak to each other.

Stay tuned for showings in the parking lot and  for the final performance of Wissahickon Reunion,  on Sunday, July 22.  This will be a performance adventure, requiring audiences to hike the the hill to the central loop in the Andorra Natural area. 

Photos:  Branch Dance Workshop at Wave Hill, April 23, 2012.  Courtesy of Wave Hill. 

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