Saturday, April 14, 2012

Performance Tomorrow!

I'm excited about tomorrow's performance. This will be our first performance at the falls north of Valley Green. They are very beautiful these days.

Getting to the falls is a bit of an adventure. Give yourself time. Travel light. Bring water. Wear walking shoes with grip. Its going to be fairly warm tomorrow so you may want to use insect repellent. There's the possibility of rain. Bring an umbrella and/or raincoat. When in doubt follow the flour trail.

The closest parking spaces and bathrooms are by Valley Green Inn. Audiences who prefer a shorter walk should enter from Henry Ave. Enter on Wise's Mill Rd (north of Walnut Lane, south of Andorra) This will take you down to Forbidden Drive. (you can only travel one way) Follow Forbidden drive until you reach parking lot. (1/4 mile) The performance site is a 5-8 min walk from this parking lot. Walk North along the creek and find us on the right.

If you prefer a brisk hike enter from Valley Green Road. From Lincoln Drive turn right on McCallum St. Follow McCallum until it dead ends on Wolcott St. (After Allens Lane you will cross a bridge and the road will curve to the right. Do not turn right. Stop at the sign that says stop except right turn and go straight ahead. You will enter a housing complex). Make a left on Wolcott, follow it until it dead ends into Valley Green Road. Make a left on Valley Green road. The road will end in a parking lot, however, on Sundays that parking lot gets full pretty quickly so its probably best to park at the upper parking lot which you will see on your right soon after you turn left on Valley Green road.

The site is a 15- 20 minute walk from the upper lot.
Just walk down the road after you park (There' s also a side path bordering a stream which you can take. If you take the side path go all the way to the end and get back on the road). You will cross a bridge over the creek. Once you cross you will see a parking lot on the right. Walk through it and you will come to Forbidden Drive. Turn right (North) on Forbidden Drive. You will find us along the creek and waterfall a few minutes walk north from the parking lot.

For the very adventurous and fit, you may want to hike to the falls from the east side of the creek. Take the side path along the stream. You will come to a small foot bridge crossing the stream before the path curves back to the road. Cross the stream and follow the path. When you come to the crossing take the low path. It will take you to the falls.

See you there!

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